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The Boston Celtics, a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference, have marched through the playoffs with dominant performances. After sweeping past their Eastern Conference rivals, they faced the Dallas Mavericks, who emerged from the Western Conference. Despite a slight stumble in Game 4, the Celtics are heavily favored to clinch their record-setting 18th NBA championship on June 18th at their home court. This decisive game has driven ticket prices to unprecedented highs at the TD Garden.

Game 5 Ticket Prices Skyrocket

According to the ticket platform TickPick, the prices for Game 5 between the Mavericks and Celtics have surged. The cheapest tickets are priced at $1,714 (approximately NT$55,000), while most tickets exceed $3,000 (approximately NT$97,000). The average ticket price for this potential championship-clinching game is $2,213, or about NT$71,000.

Ticket TypePrice (USD)Price (TWD)
Most Expensive>$3,000>NT$97,000

Mavericks Face an Uphill Battle

Trailing 1-3 in the series, the Mavericks are in a precarious position as they return to Boston for Game 5. Replicating their team effort from Game 4 is crucial for them to stay alive in the series. The Celtics, however, have a significant boost with the potential return of Kristaps Porziņģis, who has been a nightmare for the Mavericks off the bench in the earlier games.

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Celtics’ Defensive Mastery

The Celtics’ defense has been a cornerstone of their success this season. They have held opponents to under 100 points in 25 games, including 15 during the regular season and 10 in the playoffs, winning all 25 of those games. Despite missing the chance to sweep the Mavericks and achieve an 80% season win rate in Game 4, the Celtics are still poised to surpass the Lakers’ 17 championships and secure their 18th title on June 18th. Notably, the Celtics last won a championship on June 18, 2008, against the Lakers.

Key Statistics

  • Games with Opponents Scoring Under 100 Points: 25
  • Regular Season: 15
  • Playoffs: 10
  • Record in Those Games: 25-0


With the Celtics returning to their home court, bolstered by the return of key players and their stellar defensive record, they are in prime position to make history. As the city of Boston prepares to witness potentially the most significant championship in NBA history, the excitement is palpable, reflected in the soaring ticket prices and overwhelming support from fans.(Superace88)