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Playoff Exit and Team Performance

Despite boasting a “Big Three” lineup, the Los Angeles Clippers’ performance fell short of expectations this season. They were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Dallas Mavericks, losing the series 2-4. As a result, the Clippers’ quest for their first championship continues. Star player Paul George recently discussed his changing role on the team following James Harden’s arrival in a trade on his personal podcast.

Early Season Dynamics

Paul George reflected on the team’s initial state this season, saying, “We started the season well, with everyone playing great and full of energy. It was reminiscent of our first healthy games with Russell Westbrook. I felt great, Kawhi Leonard was healthy, and so was Westbrook. It felt like a fresh start.”

Role Changes After Harden’s Arrival

George addressed the changes after acquiring James Harden through a trade: “When we got James Harden, we struggled a bit, but it wasn’t his fault. We lost key players like Robert Covington and Nicolas Batum. With James’ offensive talent, Kawhi and I ended up doing more of the dirty work on the court.”

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Potential Future Moves

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, if Paul George cannot reach a contract extension with the Clippers, potential interested teams include the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers, and New York Knicks.

Teams Interested in Paul George

TeamInterest Level
Orlando MagicPotential suitor
Philadelphia 76ersHighly interested, can offer cap space
New York KnicksPotential suitor

The 76ers are particularly keen on George and can create enough salary cap space to attract him with a lucrative offer. Keith Pompey reports that if the Clippers are unwilling to offer George a max contract similar to Kawhi Leonard’s, George is expected to enter free agency, where the 76ers are poised to aggressively pursue him.


The Clippers face a critical offseason with potential roster changes on the horizon. The acquisition of James Harden has altered team dynamics, and Paul George’s future with the Clippers remains uncertain. As the team navigates contract negotiations and potential free agency, their decisions will significantly impact their quest for an NBA championship.(Superace88)